A woman who suffered a broken neck when the chair she was sitting in broke during a Horry County music festival will receive a confidential settlement of $650,000, her attorney reports.

Jerry Meehan Jr. of Crantford Meehan in Charleston, who represented the woman along with William Crantford, said that on July 1 their client agreed to a pre-trial settlement in Horry County that would cover all of her medical costs.

The 54-year-old woman was attending a music festival at a Conway marina in 2018 when the back of the plastic chair she was sitting in broke off and she fell backward, breaking her neck. She had to undergo spinal fusion surgery.



The name of the defendant and its counsel were withheld pursuant to a confidentiality agreement, but Meehan said the defendant had other chairs like the one that broke and had been notified that they were defective. Alcohol was served at the event, so Meehan said the defendant had a higher duty of care.

“They argued with us over notice of a defective chair. Our argument was that they had numerous chairs, and some of those chairs had broken in the past, so we were arguing that they had notice,” Meehan said.

“Given the facts and the circumstances of what we were dealt with, it was a very good settlement,” Meehan said, saying that the client was justly compensated and will recover from the injury and its ensuing surgery.



Meehan also said the process was made easier by the cooperation and professionalism of the defendant’s counsel.

“We had a very professional lawyer on the other side, and when you have a professional lawyer on the other side who’s a good lawyer it’s much easier to get a good resolution for a client.”

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Amount: $650,000

Injuries alleged: Broken neck

Case name: Confidential

Court: Horry County Circuit Court

Date of settlement: July 1

Attorneys for plaintiff: Jerry Meehan and William Crantford of Crantford Meehan Law in Charleston

Attorney for defendant: Withheld

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