Auto accidents often result in serious injuries which can require extensive medical treatment and surgeries, physical therapy and rehabilitation. In the present-day technological world in which we live, there has been a notable uptick in automobile accidents due to cellular smart phones, vehicle nav systems, and various other distractions. If you’ve been injured by a distracted or otherwise negligent driver, it is not advisable to attempt to navigate the litigation process while recovering from your injuries. Auto insurance companies mount an aggressive defense of their own negligent drivers with a focus on preserving the insurance company’s bottom line. Insurance companies view unrepresented claimants with an eye towards quick settlement that often fails to account for the true value of the case. A quick settlement is almost never in the injured claimant’s best interest.

When you hire an auto accident lawyer like Bradford, you get an aggressive advocate who brings years of experience defending accident cases for insurance companies. He learned the intricacies of the system from the inside out, and is now dedicated to using that knowledge and experience to assist the injured. Bradford has handled a wide array of auto accident cases; including pedestrian, and bicyclist cases with injuries ranging from soft-tissue bumps and bruises to serious and debilitating traumatic injuries. Bradford can assist you with locating medical providers and navigating through the medical system while compiling and presenting a compelling case to insurance adjusters and defense lawyers.

Bradford works diligently to ensure his clients are compensated fairly for their injuries, as quickly as possible.