Even the best medical practitioners make mistakes sometimes. Unfortunately mistakes made by medical providers during the course of treating patients can result in serious injuries and death. In order to prove a medical malpractice case, medical mistakes must rise to the level of a breach of the standard of care in the specific medical discipline involved in treatment. These cases can be highly technical and complex and require expensive expert testimony in order to prove liability/ medical negligence. Common types of medical malpractice include:

Surgical errors
Anesthesia errors
Medication errors
Patient neglect

Due to the complexity of establishing the standard of care and proving a breach of that standard, it is nearly impossible for a lay person to successfully initiate and prosecute a medical malpractice case. Bradford has the experience necessary to assemble the right team of experts and build a successful case of medical malpractice that pinpoints the breach in care, and documents the resulting injury to the patient. Bradford understands how devastating medical injuries can be to patients and their families, and will fight to insure his clients are compensated accordingly.